Dashboards are designed for every user Role in the System separately as per the Module. User can interact with dashboard and filter the desired data assigned to them. Business Intelligent Dashboards have been available for the managers to make decisions effectively.

Multilingual Interface and Data Support

Entire product completely globalized to support Multiple languages in the system along with the regional specific data to help users across the globe.Each and every label and messages in the system can be customized on-fly the administrator users.

Responsive Support

Using the latest UI framework, all screens in the system are device specific. Users can operate the product from Smart Phones, Tables, PCs which brings the best for the user from the web based product. Responsive design supports and adjusted as per the Unicode languages by reading the Left to Right and Right to Left layouts.


Specially designed security model will give administrators to create custom roles with the modules they want to assign to uses and required actions that the user can perform by form level. Users can delegate his role for a certain time period. Menu display can also be managed by power users.


Marketing managers can get benefit from the built-in Marketing module, helps the users to create campaigns, and coordinates donors by Emails, Letters and SMS.


System enables web services to send the required data security to external applications. Using the modular framework, it can easily be customized to integrate with the user specific accounting system, call center, website and kiosk machines as per the user requirement.


Donors can login securely by their registered mobile numbers using OTP mechanism. Product gives full power to donors to know the exact status of their Donations, Deductions and the Projects they contributed. Donors can request document and can raise complaints from the system.

Alerts and Notifications

Charity system is fully configured with Email notification on every action and a task notification will be send the user. The notification system will give the Organizations, In House Project Teams, Marketing Team and Donors to be update to date efficiently.


System comes with the powerful built in reports required for all users. Using the latest technology, reports have optimized to deal with even large quantity of data by web. Report output can easily be changed the end user as per his required format.

External Organizations

Organization across the globe can easily submit their project request to the Society. A clean approval and follow-up system helps the organization and society to organize their documents and data completely digital.

Projects and Sponsorship

We have specially designed files and fields for every kind of the project that a charity organization handles whether it can be Complexes, Masjids, Water Wells, Hospitals, Schools and many more.All the projects and sponsorships are categorized in a meaningful procedure to get close to the ISO standard.

Deductions and Donations

Money management is the critical part as well donors donate by different ways which includes Bank Accounts, KNet, Cheque and Cash. A full engineered system will help to exchange data and communicate between all the modules.